Digital Courses

Doing a digital course is like receiving private instruction from me. Normally that would cost you over a 100 euro per hour. Now that I have taken the time to convert my teachings into digital material you can receive these private teachings, where-ever you are in the world, for a price that does not compare to my usual teaching fees.

Select the course of your choice below and email me. We will establish the easiest way for you to make your payment (Paypal, bank, etc)

If you decide to purchase a digital course and you are not 100% happy you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

On Purpose

Your Soul Purpose

Are you ready to discover yourself fully and deeply? Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose? Have you been looking for meaning and fulfilment?

This course will help you reach more awareness about your soul purpose from a

multi-dimensional point of view.

The exercises and insights go from the practical to the enlightened, giving you a very complete sense of "Why You Are".

What do you get?

  • A beautiful print out syllabus for you to keep (over 3.500 words)
  • Access to two exclusive teachings on video
  • Access to an exclusive guided meditation
  • Four beautiful worksheets to deepen and integrate your learning

This course is not primarily about your job. Instead this is about how you choose to live your life!

This course goes much further than your personal purpose. It also teaches about the purpose of the human race and the purpose of the physical dimension. It allows you to explore how the multiple identities you are part of throughout time share a purpose.

You will learn how all this universal energy focusses itself through you as an individuated expression of God-self and teaches you how you can actually make this a practical, daily experience.

Price: € 120,-

Digital Courses