Have you noticed there is some energy “stuck” in our collective awakening? Are you experiencing some strange hang up’s in your personal life? Are you struggling to unify your awareness of higher dimensions with your day to day experience?

Then you are called to join this squad of energy aware Super Forces!


Super Force

Unblock the Stuck

17-18 March - Lugano

During two days we will work with the physical body and the mind to prepare the energy field for connectivity to higher frequencies and integrate it.

We will prepare the earth for fertilisation, create the zero point field for magic manifestation, make an earthquake of remembering.

This workshop is open to ALL that can resonate with the description and know they are more than a physical body.

Practical Info

Place: Lugano, Switzerland

Time: 17 & 18 March 2018 10:00-17:00 CET

Money: 350 CHF (300 EUR) including lunch both days


I will teach some all time classics that people that have worked with me before know and love:

Fake your way to the top

(Activation of life force, running it and balancing it through guided dance and circling)

Super Mario

(Using your body like a magic wand in the energy dimensions)

Time Travel

(Various techniques that help you slip through the matrix)

This course is taught in both English and Italian.

If money is your only block for not coming, contact me and we can see if there is any form of barter or exchange possible.