Lift Me!

Lift Me!

During the transformational year of 2012 Maartje Kreuzen has made the energetic and consciousness shift that became available to our species for the first time in the history of earth.

During this process she channelled and developed various unique and powerful techniques that facilitate this change.

The method is based on five sacred body movements that help you to:

  • Get back into the flow of life when you get stuck or off track
  • Love, accept and appreciate yourself also in difficult situations
  • Unite duality and create miracles
  • Consciously create your reality
  • Reclaim and recycle any of your energy that has got lost

The “Lift Me” method has become a practical tool for ascension.

One of the results is that the identification of an incarnated human gets expanded to include the spirit and soul that are the sources of it’s life.

By expanding the understanding and the experience of “I am” life is a gift and a beautiful adventure.

The full method is refined and expanded with:

  • Sacred Movements as energy consciousness creation,
  • Consciousness reprogramming,
  • DNA adaption,
  • New energy frequency transmissions.

This method is The Key to the new awareness both for very experienced spiritual professionals and people that have less experience with self development.

The method is especially designed to lift your conscious awareness up from both earthly and energetic investments.