Workshops for professionals

Workshops for professionals

Workshops for professional energy healers and light workers

Spend a beautiful day developing your skills of extra sensorial perception (aura reading, telepathy, spiritual guidance) and create a deeper awareness of healing dynamics and the effects of your personal presence in the relationship between you and your client.

Strengthen your confidence in your perceptions and ability to receive guidance through confirmations and explanations of your personal perceptions.

My strength consists of my capacity to see what you are looking at and helping you to define it and put it in a comprehensive reference field.

My capacity to see where your strong points and blocks are in your professional field guarantees quick and noticeable expansion of your skills.

Participants are required to have:

  • a professional modality to engage with clients;
  • some skill in reading or perceiving energy, the aura, spiritual presence or spirit;
  • the psychological skills to observe their inner emotional landscape and the experience of dealing with transference and the healing of personal emotional trauma or wounds from the past;
  • the skill or technique to center themselves and align with higher spiritual truth or spirit.

It is my intention to support the emergence of professionals rich in integrity and skill to facilitate the awakening of their communities.

If you are interested to participate in one of these workshops please send me an email.